THESE ARE THE GREATEST SERBIAN MYSTERIES: Four incredible legends NO ONE knows about! (PHOTO)

Serbia is no exception when it comes to conspiracy theories, secrets, mysterious locations and phenomena, but for many citizens, they are still unknown.

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Masonry, aliens, vampires, secret passages... Serbia is no exception when it comes to conspiracy theories, secrets, mysterious locations and phenomena, but for many citizens, they are still unknown.

MYSTERY IN BELGRADE: Buried bunker discovered from WORLD WAR II! (PHOTO)

Many people from Belgrade still don't know about the Mid-evil city Zrnov

It is about the Mid-evil fortress on the top of Avala, on the place where the Monument to the Unknown Hero is located now. According to the legend, it was a sear of Porca from Avala. Remains of Celtic culture and their heritage were discovered there, Romans had fortifications on the same spot, and they used it to control the entrance to Singidunum, or to protect their workers on the brinks of Avala.

Later, our ancestors, in middle ages, built a fortress. Later, in 1442, it was captured by Turks, and they additionally expanded it since it held a important defensive position, but, when Belgrade fell, it lost its strategic value.

King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic decided in 1934 to demolish this fortress with dynamite and build the Monument to the Unknown Hero, author Ivan Mestrovic. The reasons for demolishing were not completely clear, so it was unknown why was Zrnov collapsed and what was under the walls of this city.

Foto: Wikipedia/CrniBombarder!!! Foto: Wikipedia/CrniBombarder!!!

On the other hand, although Kalemegdan represents something where two major European rivers meet, the place where people have been gathering for 2.000 years, argue, wage wars and celebrate peace, conquer it and lose it, it is still on the list of Serbian mysteries.

Most legends are associated with the Roman well. It is 51 meters deep, and there are about 200 steps to the bottom. It was long described as "the navel of the world" where the mythical hero Orpheus descended into the underworld.

Roman well, despite its name, is actually Austrian, and was built from 1717 to 1731. However, there are theories that the Romans carried out the water in it, hence the name. Alfred Hitchcock, some claim, was fascinated by it and said that he draws inspiration from it.

Also, for centuries it has been considered that it still hides a treasure. Germans have explored it during the Second World War. It was said that two divers never came back from one of the expeditions and no one knows what happened to them because the remains were never found. Halls and caves under Kalemegdan, and even Tasmajdan, are much bigger than you can imagine and they were formed over millennia. They were dug by Romans, and the biggest one is under Tasmajdan, and it is presumed to be eight million years old.

Actually, good part of the halls below Belgrade was not explored. It is known, that under the Faculty of Sciences there are underground passages leading to the banks of the Danube. There is a story that there is a system of tunnels from Kalemegdan, over Eye clinic in George Washington street, all the way to Visnjicka Banja and we do not know what they were used for. The greatest question is the tunnel that connects Kalemegdan and Gardos. Archaeologists claim that this story is just a city legend.

Foto: Tanjug/Miloš Jelesijević Foto: Tanjug/Miloš Jelesijević

The farther south is the mountain Rtanj, about which several legends are circulating.

If you look from afar, you will notice that it reminiscent of the pyramid. Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke believed that this mountain hides pyramid - the oldest formations of alien civilization.

Some other science fiction fans are sure that the mountains are hiding a spaceship that will fly away before the end of the world, and everybody that find themselves there at the moment, will be able to go to space on some distant and beautiful place. Because of that, near the end of 2012, in the eve of the upcoming Apocalypse, people from all over the world payed huge amounts of money for accommodation on the mountain.

Locals are certain that there is treasure in the caves and in the mountain. Legend said that a wizard lived on the top of the mountain and he guarded massive treasure. This mountain is associated with the story of a wealthy Jewish family Minh who owned Paracin factory of fabrics, and later savory mine coal. Julius Minh committed suicide under completely mysterious circumstances, and his wife Greta has built a small church-chapel at the top of the mountain Rtanj. It was razed to the ground in search of hidden treasures.

There is also a documented case of the Germans during World War II found on Rtanj a Greek man who does not know how he ended up there, since the last thing he remembered was that he lead his sheep to pasture in his country.

Printskrin: Youtube/Brazdadj's channel Printskrin: Youtube/Brazdadj's channel

Also, vampires are, as the most famous ,the most abundant and largest Serbian brand in the world, the theme of which is due to its mystique is always fresh.

It is an international word of Serbian origin. It all started somewhere in 18th century when creepy reports of mythical creatures started appearing from Balkans in Europe. First mentioning of vampires is in written source in Austrian magazine “Vossiche Zeitung”, number 98, published in 1725. Magazine writes about a village Kisiljevo in today Serbia, but then in Austria, where certain Petar Blagojevic died, and after him, 10 more people in the next 24 hours. Authorities from Vienna send doctors and found that Blagojevic was lying in the coffin alive and the with blood on his lips. After they penetrated him with hawthorn stick, fresh red blood emerged from his body, ears and nose. Locals burned his body.

Our most famous vampire is Sava Savanovic, miller from the village Zarozje at Bajina Basta. Legend has it that Savanovic was a wealthy merchant who fell in love with a much younger girl. He proposed to her, but her father refused because he was much older. Sava has since changed, he became sullen, and shortly after he decided to kill the girl to have his vengeance.

He shot her in the back, and then his brother who was with him, tried to steal his gun. Then they encountered pastors who hit Sava with clubs, and his brother was shot. Sava thereafter became vampire, and story goes that he has the following 99 years drank blood of residents around the watermill on the River Rogacic.

Foto: Wikipedia/DreamGuy Foto: Wikipedia/DreamGuy

However, Russian scientists say that the legend of vampire is based on rare disease called porphyria. People suffering from it have very pale complexion, they are very bothered by the sun, and have do not have enough iron in the blood due to which they could have the urge to drink other people's blood.



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