KUSTURICA "SPASIBO" TO PUTIN: Russian President awarded Serbian director (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Serbian director Emir Kusturica

Vladimir Putin, Emir Kusturica
Printskrin: kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented Serbian movie director Emir Kusturica with an award - the Order of Friendship for contribution to strengthening friendship between peoples, for the popularization of the Russian language and culture abroad. Kusturica in Russian thanked Putin on that occasion recalled that during the first of their meeting he did not speak Russian.

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- Dear Mr. Putin, when we met for the first time I did not speak Russian, the second time very little, and now I would like to thank you (in Russian) on this award - said Kusturica getting the award from the hands of the President of Russia. Kusturica said that this is a great award for him, because he thinks and believes that the President of the Russian Federation is the man who brings balance in world politics.

He said he would like to come more often to Russia and to make a film there, adding that there are a lot of ideas, but now he can not decide what to implement.

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Printskrin: kremlin.ru

Printskrin: kremlin.ru

Also, he said, he would like to make a movie and in France.

- My movies are Serbian, one is English. One should be be recorded in Russian and French - said Kusturica.

Order of Friendship is the Russian Federation State Prize, which has been warded from the 2nd March 1994. Its the author is a Soviet and Russian artist Alexander Zhuk. The medal is  silver plated with gold, surrounded by laurel branches with green and red dots of rubies.

Printskrin: kremlin.ru

Printskrin: kremlin.ru

So far, foreign citizens and some domestic citizens have been given this award, for special contributions in strengthening peace, friendship, cooperation, and mutual understanding among peoples, for rapprochement and mutual enrichment of cultures, for great effect in the implementation of joint economic projects and attraction of foreign funds into the economy of Russia.

Otherwise, Russia marks two holidays - The day of Kazan the Virgin icon, whose image is associated with the release of Russia, and the Day of National Unity, established in honor of the popular uprising liberation of Moscow from Polish-Lithuanian invaders in 1612.

The holiday is traditionally celebrated in Russia since 2005. Across the country, celebrations are held, concerts, marches and rallies, and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill served the Liturgy in the Kremlin's Assumption Cathedral Church in honor of Kazan icon of the Virgin.

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