Teme: Movie

The Kings released a short movie about Bogdan's debut: They even filmed Partizan's shawl (VIDEO)

The clash of the titans on Kosovo: The greatest battle in Serbian history looked like this! (VIDEO)

The Chinese are making a movie about bombing of Serbia: They are documenting the evil left by depleted uranium

Family Gajic gives strength to the entire world: "Only mom's heart believed in impossible, between Tatjana's grave and Milana's hospital bed" (VIDEO)

This is a man from Belgrade that blackmailed movie makers: Momcilo had accomplices! (PHOTO)

Mister, mega cool: Serbedzija delighted audience with words, the movie was 15 minutes late (VIDEO)

I was born in a German concentration camp, grew up in an Italian orphanage, and then discovered that I was the richest man and 50 percent Croat (VIDEO)

We have the treasure all around us, and we are not even aware of that: Croats made millions on locations to make movies

THEY ARE SEX SYMBOLS OF FORMER YUGOSLAVIA: They were in the scenes men rewind to see again, even today (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Father of Rade Serbedzija passed away aged 104, without seeing a single play of his

SCANDAL IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Federal Television broadcast a film with scenes of GROUP SEX involving PREGNANT woman (VIDEO)

GREAT ADVENTURE: Serbian surgeon at the North Pole!

Belgrade looked like a HORROR MOVIE this morning: Citizens surprised, they didn't know what happened! (PHOTO)

KUSTURICA "SPASIBO" TO PUTIN: Russian President awarded Serbian director (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

IT IS DECIDED: This is Serbian candidate for the OSCARS! (VIDEO)

BOSNIAN CREATED CHAOS IN AUSTRIA: Police chased after him, he ran away in car, RUN OVER A CAT, almost killed people, and that's not all...

How did a Bollywood movie celebrate Belgrade (VIDEO)

Nikola and Marija are #youngheroes who have no limits (PHOTO)

TARZAN WAS BORN IN SERBIA: This is the best kept secret of Johny Weissmuller! (PHOTO)

FAREWELL, LEGEND: Dragan Nikolić died

LEO, YOU SERB! This is how DiCaprio speaks Serbian language! (VIDEO)

WORLD-CLASS BEAUTY IS COMING TO SERBIA? Hallie Berry is shooting a movie in Belgrade

SERBIAN MOVIE DIRECTOR MAKES A MOVIE IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE? I love Russia, because I feel that our blood is the same!


(Exclusive Interview) EMIR KUSTURICA: Putin restores Serbian faith into ourselves, and I will place his rockets on my balcony!

Great prophecy of a Serbian movie director, Emir Kustiruca: What he foresaw about Serbian prime minister Vučić, Vladimir Putin, and what he said about EU and ISIS!

Hurem plays a Serb woman in her new movie (PHOTO)

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