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"ZOLJAS," BOMBS, BLASTING CAPS: Police found entire arsenal of arms in Bijeljina and Doboj

They searched, in cooperation with Brcko district police, has been done in the area of Pelagicevo, Mordice, Donje Zabare, Bijeljina and Ugljevik

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Members of the centers of public security in Doboj and Bijeljina seized a large amount of weapons and arrested seven people.


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The search, in cooperation with Brcko district police, has been done in the area of Pelagicevo, Mordice, Donje Zabare, Bijeljina and Ugljevik.


- At the request of the Brcko district police, Ministry of internal affairs of Republika Srpska  is conducting operative action with a goal to find as many people and objects in connection with the offenses of unauthorized production and trade of weapons or explosives and illicit sale of weapons and military equipment and products of military use - announced from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska.


The statement said that the arrested persons were handed over to the police of Brcko District.


Foto: AP/Tanjug

Foto: AP/Tanjug


2,448 rifle bullets caliber 7,9 mm, 1,057 rifle bullets of 7.62 mm, 54 caliber bullets 11.25 millimeters, 926 pistol bullets of 7.62 mm, 700 pistol bullets nine-millimeter, 32 small-caliber bullets, two boxes of 197 12.7 mm caliber bullets have been found and confiscated in the searches.


19 mortar shells for "zolja", four electrical blasting caps, 414 'detonators number 10 ", 20 pieces of hunting ammunition caliber 12 mm, 82 signal bullets, 150 cartridges caliber 22 mm and a flare gun seized.


35 hand grenades "M 75", 54 hand grenades "M 52" - green, 33 pieces of explosives "TNT"of  American manufacturing weighing half a kilogram, 57 TNT bullets weighing 200 grams, 18 TNT bullets weighing 100 grams, 7.5 pieces of plastic explosives with "PEP 500", five hand grenades "M 50", four hand grenades, "M 52" have been found.


Foto: Tanjug/MUP Srbije

Foto: Tanjug/MUP Srbije


In addition, searches also found four mechanisms of anti-personnel mines "A two," four shells for anti-infantry mine "A two" 10 lighters with "IRMAN two", Bandolier, the framework for rifle, 24 lighters "UTVA four" two shells of mine "PMA one" with no explosives, 11 mines "PMA two" and a clock detonator.


Three slow-burning fuses of unknown length, two cumulative hand grenades, two cumulative mines "M 60", four mines "M 60P1", five anti-tank mines "TMRP - six", 10 antitank anti magnetic mines "TMA four"  were taken.


Four anti-tank mines "TMA three", war sniper with optics "M 76" caliber of 7.9 millimeters, three rifles "M 48" caliber of 7.9 millimeters, automatic rifle "M 70 AB2" 7.62 millimeter, gun "red flag" and hand-held radio were also found.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Srna)

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