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WHAT LAVROV BRINGS TO US: Chief of Russian diplomacy arrives to visit Serbia

It is expected that Lavrov will talk with Serbian officials about bilateral relationships, but also he will exchange thought about regional and global situation

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Minister of foreign affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, will come today in bilateral visit to Serbia, during which he will speak with greatest Serbian Officials, while tomorrow, he will attend the Council of Ministers of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. It is expected that Lavrov will discuss with Serbian officials mainly about bilateral relations, but also exchange views on regional issues and global situation in the world.

Vucic at the symposium "World Minds": Today Serbia has a good business environment for all foreign investors (PHOTO)

Lavrov will be greeted upon his coming to Belgrade on the airport "Nikola Tesla" by the vice president of the government and the chief of diplomacy, Ivica Dacic, and then, the meetings wits Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic and Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic will follow.

PM Vucic said yesterday that he will talk with the Russian Minister about political, economic and military-economic cooperation, and that he expected a serious and open discussion.

Vucic, while answering the questions of the reporters, said that the subject of the discussion with Lavrov should be Petrohemija and paying of arrears.

- If the price of primary petrol is good in the years ahead of us, since Petrohemija has around 50 million on the account, there should not be any problems - said Vucic.

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

After the talks with Nikolic and Vucic, Lavrov and Minister of Labor, Employment, and Social Issues, Aleksandar Vulin, will lay wreaths at the Cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lavrov will meet with Dacic in the afternoon in the Serbian Palace. after what the press statements will be issued from the two ministers.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

The Russian foreign minister will attend a ministerial meeting Tuesday of the Organization for Black Sea Economic Cooperation chaired by Serbia, where representatives of 12 countries will be, as well as five foreign ministers.

Dacic said that shortly before Lavrov came to Belgrade, that this is of great political significance, expressing the expectations that this will be another step in further development of the relationships of the two countries.

He told to the press that there are no open questions between Serbia and Russia, so Russia gives great importance to their relationship with Serbia, for which they say are very good, and they say that the level of mutual trust, friendship and support when it comes to the other political questions on the political scene.

Russian ambassador Aleksandar Cepunin, said that the Lavrov's visit to was Serbia already planed, so the topics will be three main subjects - considering global situation, regional questions and bilateral relationships. And that he adjusted his visit with the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign affairs of the Organization for Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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