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RAPED AND KIDNAPPED ON HER FIRST DAY AT NEW WORK: He dragged me, attacked me and threatened to throw me out of a window if i resist

According to the report, it all allegedly happened a week ago when a girl from Sisak got a job at R.S. in his bar in Zagreb

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Girl from Sisak found a job in Zagreb as a waitress, and she had no idea that her boss R.S. (50) is a multi-convicted rapist. After only one day at her job, he raped her, kidnapped her and threatened her with death.  


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According to the report, it all allegedly happened a week ago when a girl from Sisak got a job at R.S. in his bar, and he started threatening her the same day she started working for 300 kuna debt (around 5.000 dinars) which he borrowed her, writes "Jutarnji". When the girl wanted to leave the bar, R.S. told her : "you can go only with ambulance after i break you".  


At the end of the shift, the boss, allegedly, made her to go in the apartment with him, and he called for a taxi. He warned her that he is prepared to kill her and spend 40 years in prison in Lepoglava if she says anything to the taxi driver. When they came to apartment, the man dragged her to the bedroom, raped her and threatened her that he will throw her out of the window if she resists.  


According to the girl's claims, torture continued tomorrow in the bar where she managed to connect to Facebook over her phone and to send a message to her friends: "Please, come and help me".


Friends contacted the owner, searching for their friend, but R.S. told them she is going nowhere until she pays her debt and that he will come to their city and he will slaughter them. They, however, alarmed the police and they quickly came to the bar and took the owner to interrogation.


After hearing the girl, R.S. was arrestedHe was detained in remand prison because of the danger that he could repeat the crime because he has a criminal record and this is his fifth procedure for rape.



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