Aleksandar participated in every quiz possible, and he invested all the money into work that made him profit multiple times

Aleksandar and Olivera Golic, are advising the youth to start investing step by step and not to "rush in" big loans

Aleksandar Golic from Zrenjanin participated in various quizzes, and together with his wife Olivera, they won a total of 4.000 euros. In the quiz "The weakest link" alone he won 2.000 Euro, from which he used 1.500 to buy plantation. He started working with agriculture, first of all, to provide himself with anti stress therapy.

Milan (41) from Zemun speaks 3 foreign languages, and he has been living for 20 years from what he finds in the dumpster (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The job he used to do lead him to have health issued, and since then, he decided to stay away as far as possible from people, and close to the nature.

- We dared to start doing agriculture, even though the only relationship with it were our hobbies - bonsai and flowers. We registered the farm as soon as we bought the land in 2006. From the end of 2014 we started with organic production. Working on this farm was exhausting, it lasts up to 10 months in our case - Aleksandar explains.

Foto: hertoolbelt.blogspot.rs

Foto: hertoolbelt.blogspot.rs

The beginning intention of the family to produce food for their own needs. In one decade they created an oasis of peace and real "forest" of food. On one hectare there was a mix of plants of fruit, little less vegetables, fodder, medicinal herbs and spices. Currently they have over 30 active different cultures of plants. In the past 10 years they made 15 more cultures which they gave up on.

Besides the production of organic fruits and vegetables, they have baled alfalfa and hay, which they intend to use for animals from organic farms that plan in the future.

They are for organic production in every segment. 

Foto: Pixabay

Foto: Pixabay

- We acquire manure by trading hay for shamrock and we always have it in huge amounts. We use the composition of nettle and other recipes that are simple and efficient in organic agriculture. Also, all the remains of the plants from the farm we use as a mass to heat up our home. We fight against pests by natural predators, planting herbs that repel varmints or by hand gathering them whenever it is possible. We have irrigation when needed - explains Golid.

Golics formed their plants by buying quality seed materials and gathering special seedlings and seeds from friends. We are especially proud of seedlings of forest fruits, which are pretty neglected in diet as a wild trees. However, fruit species are dominant. The harvest lasts from May to December.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

- We are creating fruit juices from our fruits , jams, sweet, stewed fruit, brandy, winter preserves, and soon we expect our dried herbs and dried fruit. Given that we consume most of the food for our own needs, we have not had a lot of surplus for the market offer. However, our trees grow and the fruit of the increases. We expect that our range of supply of finished organic products will soon bring a tangible economic benefit - says Aleksandar Golic.

This family is also engaged in cultivation of hazelnuts. They clean cores from the shells only when they have the buyers, and they are selling them whole and carefully cleaned. They say that in that way they provide maximum quality, taste, hygiene, nutritional value. However, hazelnut has yet to bring profit.

- Our buyers know how to feel the difference between our fresh or market or imported hazelnuts, that were frozen in some warehouses and in bags, and which are sold under suspicions health and sanitation conditions - claims Aleksandar.

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

Golic family faced many different problems during their production, which can be divided into human and nature. They say that they have reduced the number of natural accidents, but it is a lot harder for them because they faced five or six robberiesThey are not happy with agriculture politics.

- For all the other problems that we have in production we blame only frivolous politicians, who play with power for decades, and their concern about agriculture is at the bottom. I am most affected by hypocritical politicians' statements and they keep watching the farmers with a false concern, thus insulting our intellect and our underestimating our the importance in society. Sincere and strong neglect of the status of farmers is the only common feature of all governments in the last 30 years - believes Alexander.

Aleksandar and Olivera Golic, are advising the youth to start investing step by step and not to "rush in" big loansIt is important to determine priorities and based on them, focus and keep working thoroughly.

- The best is to start and to advance with their own means. There are a lot of different possibilities. They can get startup loans, to take grants, stimulation. The most important is to have idea, information and vision -
says Aleksandar.

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: agroklub.rs)

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