Teme: Talent

Is this the smartest family in Pancevo? Stefan graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering with perfect 10, and his brother and sister are serious competition

Bojan and Ana posses the ability that only 2% of the people in the world have - they can talk and read backward (PHOTO)

He has found a small migrant on the street and created an NBA star out of him: The incredible story arrived in Belgrade! (VIDEO)

Uros (18) from Belgrade is going to Gymnasium and he will make every household happy with his invention, and he will send one profession to history (VIDEO)

Miracle in Trebinje: Little Mia (4) started speaking perfect English, she speaks it equally good as Serbian (VIDEO)

The saddest goodbye from little Luka, perhaps future volleyball star, Vojvodina player, son of Marcos Milinkovic

Milena (19) will go to college without entrance exam. No, she doesn't have a connection, she has awards from 5 state competitions

Serbia needs people like this: Marko plays piano, violin, guitar, and now he won in Computer music on international competition!

Slowly, but surely, Tijana is conquering the world of music. Her dream is to study in Vienna (VIDEO)

Serbian Bobby Fischer: Andrej is just 7, and he is already on the lost of the best chess players in the world (VIDEO)

LITTLE LARA IS A GENIUS: She has twice as many medals as she has years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Little Farhad from Afganistan makes wonders with pen: First thing he drew in Serbia was NOVAK DJOKOVIC (PHOTO)

When she sings the whole Knez Mihajlova becomes speechless: You have to hear this girl sing "Kosovske božure" (VIDEO)

He says that he is lazy, but 70 of his murals are decorating gray and boring walls (PHOTO)

So far unrevealed details from Jokic beginning: He was late in the attack, he asked the coach to get him out of the play and who was the only one who could annoy him

FIND NIKOLA JOKIC: Only 0.1% of Serbs won't recognize our NBA beast! (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

In the city of Nikola Jokic, where the new NBA champion was forged: His brothers had more talents, and then...

Jovana (10) is completely blind, and she wrote a book, plays piano and accordion, sings and wins competitions! (VIDEO)

WONDER CHILD! He is only 7 and he RIPPED the violin, the jury BOWED to him! (VIDEO)

Olga Danilovic ended her match in tears and wheelchair, serious injury dispersed dreams in Melbourne

Veljko (18) is a miracle from Serbia: He won the compositor competitions 4 times, and he isn't even going to Music Academy (VIDEO)

Confession of a lifetime of Serbian student from the heart of Sweden: I will return to Serbia if they offer me a good job (PHOTO)

Whenever they go, they take a medal: You will surely cheer for them in 2017

This Serbian will show her babies on a show in France (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

THIS BOY FROM BOSNIA IS THE NEW PICASSO: He is only 11, and he creates amazing artworks (PHOTO)

THIS SERB IS CONQUERING THE WORLD WITH HIS PORTRAITS: International stars praise him, and his drawings are so realistic that they will blow you away! (PHOTO)

THE JEWEL OF SERBIAN ATHLETICS: Cute Jana (11) has more titles than years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)