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Confession of Darko Milicic: This is why i did not sign for Red Star, even though i was so close!

Once one of the greatest talents of NBA was close to returning to Serbian basketball, but at the end, he decided not to sign the contract

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Now former national team player Darko Milicic has always been a "wet dream" of Red Star fans. It never happened, even though there was a mutual desire for it, which Milicic admitted in interview for B92.


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Once second pick in the NBA draft said that the club thought he was closer to Little Kalemegdan, but he did not want to share that opinion. As he said, he did not want to "scr*w up" in the club he loves, nor to create some tension, because he knows that there was a disaster in his head at the time and that there were good chances of that happening.


There was a desire to play for Red Star, and only i knew how far i am from that. They thought i was close, but i was far away. Taking in consideration that i finished my career in NBA, only i knew what's the situation in my head. And it was a disaster. 


I knew what i could do if i wanted to play, but i also knew what i have been through in my career and what are my possibilities to scr*w up. Especially when it comes to fact that it is a team i love. To create some enemies and some unpleasant situations i did not want, and i wasn't thinking about playing for no one else. 


Foto: Tanjug/AP/Legenda Krajine

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Legenda Krajine


- The only option was Red Star, but when i sat down, looked around me and asked am i ready to play for the club i love. I spent my time in america, played for different clubs, unfortunately, you get used to losing, where everybody pat your shoulder and say that it is alright and there is always another game. That is not an option here. I was afraid how to accept that.


- I knew what i could do as a player, but then again, i did not want to create some tension. This is where i live, this is where i want to live to the end of my life and that is a club i love. I am friends with many people who are Red Star fans and sometimes they ask me, when they have few drinks.


Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović


When asked, how would he feel if he played in Arena in front of 20.000 Delije (Red Star supporters), he answered in his style.


- I would love that the most. I watched few Red Star games, and i could only imagine how would that look like. I would take my clothes off and i would rush to the stands to have a beer. I can only imagine how much would that attract me. I am attracted by little things, not by that. My head would be in total chaos - said Milicic.






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