Secrets of the labyrinth city: There is an entrance for love, happiness and energy, and paths that curves to life and death (VIDEO)

Special attention was given to the location of the maze and the position of the stones. Every stone has been perfectly incorporated into the surrounding forest in Croatia

Lavirint slobode
Pritnskin: Youtube/Adrian Kezele

Man was always attracted by mystery, lifting of spirit and getting new strength. And its no wonder the man tried to connect with some higher forces and discover the meaning of life throughout the entire millennia on all kids of ways. One of those ways we try to achieve inner peace are labyrinths placed in natureSmall place Badlican, half a way between Nedelisce and Strigova, hides this kind of maze in Croatia. 9 labyrinths have been placed on more than 8000 square meters of forest and each has a different affect. 

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There are mazes for love, happiness, mind, body, power, feelings, energy, connection, wisdom and creativity, freedom, transformation, and life and death. Built of stones that were found in a nearby quarry, situated in the woods that had previously been covered with thick underbrush.

Although some would say that it is the surface of the forest floor with just randomly scattered stones, and its not quite like that. Special attention was given to the location of the maze and the position of the stones. Every stone has been perfectly incorporated into the surrounding forest, and everything was done in order to preserve the harmony and its nature. 

Each maze is one of the planets in the solar system. But why labyrinths?

They are a symbol of integrity and time to oneself. Each labyrinth has one entry, the path which winds, one focal point and the same path leading to the exit. Just the thought of it gives you a certain security because it is immediately evident that it is impossible to get lost in the labyrinths. In front of each maze is the panel with its title, and with a brief description what the walking through it effects the most, according to punkufer.dnevnik.hr.

Many who have tried walking the labyrinths, or walked more frequently there, swear in its power to fill you with a new energy and strength. Others will say that they don't notice anything special. But, in any case, being in nature and walking followed with the tweet of the birds can't be bad and it will be beneficial for the man.

City of labyrinths in Badlican is a special place that awakes some hidden energy and curiosity. 

Serene walk in a circle, winding lanes, will be broken only by a car chasing down the road, but it will be soon replaced by the sound of wind in the treetops and the tweet of the birds.

There is another labyrinth and it was build in Zabnik near the old mill. There are around 200 stone mazes in Croatia and the neighboring Slovenia has around 50. 

Either way, whether you believe in the power of special labyrinths and their effect on the mind and body of a man or not, it is definitely worth visiting "Castle mazes" in Badlican and enjoy the peaceful nature, chirping birds and fresh air. This way you can get away from everyday life and bustle.

You can see more photos HERE.


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