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Arab caused chaos in the center of Zagreb: He went to the post office to withdraw money, and when he failed, he threatened he will blow them all up

The incident occurred a week ago, and the Arab is a resident of Great Britain

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Arab, Fadi M.S. (41), was irritated because he could not get his money in the main post office in Branimirova street in Zagreb, and the threatened that he will come with his men and he will pour gas on the workers and set them on fire. 


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The incident occurred a week ago, and the Arab is a resident of Great Britain.


Problems with the password 


Fedi was not convicted, and it is unknown what made him react like he did.


Was it about some ban which put a block on his money he wanted to withdraw, or was it meeting with Croatian administration which was so disturbing for him, its unknown, police failed to find that out.


Police managed to reconstruct that Fadi M.S. was in the post office in Branimirova street a week ago, and he came for the same reason. Namely, he wanted to withdraw money someone sent him over "Western Union", and it was 5.000 euros. 


Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy


However, in the first request for the payment, it turned out that there was problem with the password Fadi gave to the worker, which is used to identify the person withdrawing the money. That code was not appropriate according to the official, so she told him that she can not give him the money, but the come the following day.


British did that, but he was told that the payment of 5.000 euros was blocked for some reason and the money can't be payed to him. 


Risk of escape


This caused aggressive reaction so he threatened the official that his men will come and they will set her and her entire post office on firePolice reported him for threats, but also for risk of escape, considering it is a foreign citizen, and he was assigned to the detention facility in Remetinac until the end of the proceeding.



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