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Croatia introduces penalties for tourists who wear swimsuits on the street: 600 euros fines, 700 euros if you drink alcohol!

- Save your money and enjoy Hvar, written on the board warning that it is forbidden to eat on the streets and squares

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A board appeared at the entrance of city Hvar this weekend with the warning to guests and fines they can expect for indecent behavior. 
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Those who walk the city streets in their swimsuits, will pay 600 euros, women in bras and men with naked chests up to 500 euros, and those who stumble around with a bottle, or are drunk, will have to pay up to 700 euros. 
Save your money and enjoy Hvar - written on the board which also warns that it is forbidden to eat on the streets and squares.

- In accordance with the city's decision on public order and peace, a board was placed to warn tourists about certain codes of conduct in the town - said Jurica Milicic, the president of the Hvar City Council.
Recently, the new Hvar Mayor Rikardo Novak warned of 'loose' young tourists who get drunk, vomit, walk naked and urinate at every step. He then announced big penalties.
(Telegraf.co.uk / jutarnji.hr)

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