Teme: mayor

Belgrade will get the 74th mayor today: Dr. Zoran Radojicic is a candidate

Croats disturbed about a woman from Belgrade who posed nude in the church in Dubrovnik: "Father, forgive her, she doesn't know what she is doing" (PHOTO)

Belgrade is more decorated than last year: Decorative lighting on many more locations and citizens are thrilled (PHOTO)

Agreement on the construction of the National Stadium with 60.000 places: The locations have been presented to UEFA designers! (PHOTO)

Croatia introduces penalties for tourists who wear swimsuits on the street: 600 euros fines, 700 euros if you drink alcohol!

Nik Vujicic with the mayor of Novi Sad: I want to come here more often to make progress for future generations (PHOTO)

A refugee from Sarajevo became mayor in Sweden: She escaped from war, and she always proudly emphasized her origins (PHOTO)

Croatia has problems with tourists: Local population is bothered by arrogant Englishmen

Professor won against Croatian Democratic Union for fun: He became a sensation on Youtube for his tears (VIDEO)

ONLY TITO WAS MORE FAMOUS THAN HIM: Everything we have now would not exist in Belgrade if it wasn't for this man!

THE WALL HIDES PRISTINA'S FAILURES: Rakic about Kosovo and Metohija problems

Belgrade will make profit from holidays: Expected income 20 million euros!

Second grade students held a lesson to all mayors: His assignment shocked Serbia!

NIKOLA TESLA GOT A STREET NAME IN KAZAKHSTAN: Vucic and Astana mayor revealed the name board (PHOTO)

The MANA Group has identified and owns the two single biggest project in Miami. Capable of impacting the future of Miami

Belgrade has new attraction: Meet the CONCRETE SHIP (PHOTO)

IT IS CONFIRMED: Mladen Grujicic new Mayor of Srebrednica

Mayor of Paracin municipality declared its THE BEST in all parameters in Serbia!

THE MAYOR OF DUBROVNIK HAS NOTHING AGAINST SERBS AND BELGRADE: This is the only truth about his "nationalistic outburst"!

KIDNAPPING ATTEMPT OF SERBIAN GIRL IN GRACANICA: Unidentified people jumped out OFthe "Audi", Kosovo police will not sound

Foundations for the new department store of IKEA at Bubanj potok are laid down today!

HE MADE A FOUNTAIN FROM A ROAD HOLE: City Mayor gave him a MEDAL because of this joke (VIDEO)

A CROATIAN MAYOR does not have a computer, a smartphone, and he does not need a new car


A SUCCESSFUL VISIT TO SLOVENIA: Belgrade sells parking system to Maribor

Mali: Belgrade could model its development on Shanghai's RPT