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SERBS FROM REPUBLIKA SRPSKA ANSWERED DRAGIC: You are not welcome here, how is your father's family feeling? (VIDEO)

The captain of Slovenia, Goran Dragic, didn't forget his roots, but his domination over Serbia has caused a great revolt in Republika Srpska

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Goran Dragic has played the NBA game against the Eagles in the finals of Eurobasket, he scored 35 points for gold for his team, and he gave an interesting statement after.

Bogdan caused delirium, Muta showed muscles, Sale said: I am now the proudest Serb in the world! (VIDEO)

Stimac's message for the Eagles who missed the tournament: Teo, Joko, Radulja, Kale, Nedo, Simke... (PHOTO)

Bogdan cried while giving the statement, reporters on the brink of tears: I feel bad for losing strength... It doesn't matter! (VIDEO)

He said that he would gladly take the gold to Republika Srpska since it is known that his father comes from small village Majdan near Sekovic.

However, the heads of many fans are still hot, so many are still revolted for bringing the historic gold to his country against us, although some actions of his deserved great respect.

Dragic was among the first ones to go to Vladimir Lucic to comfort him, and on the ceremony of the cup awards, he showed the orthodox cross.

Unfortunately, there were insulting messages for the Slovenian ace who was never ashamed, nor was he hiding his origins, although he feels like Slovenian.

- My Dragic! You have wings, but you don't have brains!!! You can just imagine how proud your father is who raised you and his family in RS!

- Mister Dragic, you are an excellent basketball player. But I don't understand why would you carry the gold medal to the Republika Srpska? To whom?

- Come on people, be smarter... The guy won the medal for other country fighting against us and he scored the most points? And what are we celebrating? Go away, we don't want to see you anymore!!!

- You sold out, Dragic!

- We from Republika Srpska have nothing to do with your gold medal. Take it where you play and where you belong. No one will welcome you here with excitement. We are celebrating the silver of our Serbia!!!

- You better not come, you are not welcome!!!

Those were just some of the many comments.


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