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Andrej took the spray into his hands and painted two buildings in Belgrade, the result can be seen from afar (PHOTO)

Tenants from both buildings are thrilled

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The renowned Belgrade muralist, Andrej Josifovski, who is known by his signature Pianist on many of his works, surprised all people of Belgrade once again. During the last weekend, the young architect, together with his friends, painted the walls of two buildings, the total area of 300 square meters.

Marko bought a painting in Arandjelovac at a fair for 9 euros, it turned out its worth several MILLION EUROS (PHOTO)

- Tenants from both buildings are thrilled. They say that they can't wait for next year when we plan to plain even more facades.

Foto: SkyMan studio

Five artists worked day and night on two walls: Stefan Stojanovic Slesh from Vranje, Vuk Djuric Endo from Cacak, Pianist, The Queen Fairy and the artist from Madrid - Gerbos.  Everything was done within the Runaway International Street Art Festival, which was organized by Josifovski for two years in a row.

Foto: Andrej Josifovski

Let's recall, the Pianist has been decorating the facades of the buildings in Belgrade, and it was just at the beginning when he met some negative comments.

He is now favorite in the area and the tenants are proud owners of the apartments in the most beautiful painted Belgrade buildings.

Foto: Andrej Josifovski

You can see all the works of Pianist HERE.

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.S.)

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