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Ivan was told that he missed his occupation, but he didn't give up on his goal of becoming SPEECH THERAPIST WHO STUTTERS (VIDEO)

"Who wants to wait for me, he will wait for me, and who won't, he is not worth it", is his motive

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Ivan Djurdjevic is 24 years old and he has a speech flaw - stutter, however, that didn't stop him from going to university to become a speech therapist.

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He decided to become a speech therapist because he has a lot of experience as a person who stutters and he knows how hard it is for him to use the phone, to ask people something in the street and to talk to people in general, because people mostly don't have time or patience to listen to him.

- I have had few unpleasant situations when professors told me that I completely missed my profession, but I am really determined to prove them wrong and to become a speech therapist and to help people who have problems speaking, he is clear.

As he said himself, music helps him and he is sure that it helps a lot to people who have a stutter, which on its own causes feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

- When I play or sing I don't stutter, and when the music stops I have various techniques in my head how to practice my speechFirst, I have an idea in my head what I want to say, and then I inhale and a slow start of what I wanted to say, and after that, I try to connect that all in meaningful units - he explains.

Ivan said that he couldn't settle with his stutter for a long time, but then he accepted it when he completed the third year of university when he attended the seminar about the young people who stutter and he learned to accept himself the way he is and to learn how to help others who have the same problem, reports "24sata.hr".

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: 24sata.hr)

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