I will blow you up, you rotten scum: Danijel from Kraljevo was live on Facebook when he attacked police, after that he was shot! (PHOTOS)

Police in Kraljevo stopped the bloody massacre of the frenzied bomber who threatened that he will blow everybody up, this is his Facebook profile, he was Live during the entire drama

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Bomber from Kraljevo was broadcasting live the drama that happened in his house last night, but also in his head in the previous few days. He published threats to the police daily, using the harshest and most insulting words with the message that he will have his vengeance because they put him in prison for 10 years! He got into the house last night with dozen people inside, and there was a baby among them. He threatened that he will activate a bomb! Police stopped him and shot him to stop the bloodshed!

He stormed into hotel in Montenegro, shouting "Allahu Akbar": Drama in Berane

He wrote on his Facebook profile last night around 18:00 h:

- They surrounded the entire Police Station last night. Pussies got scared that I might come. I will come you faggots, you won't see me when I arrive.  I am a ghost to you, you motherf*ckers. The ghost that will blow you up. No army, no tanks will help you, motherf*ckers. I am bringing the nineties back. The nineties haven't died. F*ck your mother and children - he wrote.

He published one hour earlier:

- Cop, suck it, motherf*cker.

Search for me and you will find me, but we will go altogether... I will go to heaven, and you will go to hell because your soul stinks, motherf*ckers.

Forty minutes after midnight, on September 26th, he announced a "visit" to the police.

- Hallo, is that Police?

- Yes, how can we help you?

- My phone is breaking up,

it's best if I came to you.

Be patient, I am coming for sure.

The day earlier, he threatened that he will blow them up, at six am.

- You faggot cops. I will blow you up, f*ck your children. I will realize my boyhood dream, to blow up the entire Police station. And don't think I have forgiven you for putting me in prison for 10 years. I will charge you for everything, motherf*ckers, you have woken up the insanity in me. I will see you all in obituary my, my friends.

Write something f*cked up for me. Write on my grave so the people can know why I died for.

I lived for this day, I don't need anything else in life, just to get my revenge. Rotten scum, you can all suck a d*ck. I piss on you and I j*rk off my d*ck on your blue uniform. My God, I hate you so much.


Crime News.

See you in the obituary.

On the same day, in early morning hours, he left a status:

- It's 4:30 in the morning. I have risen the entire police station on their feet, everybody is chasing me, but they can only grab my d*ck. We are all going up in the air tonight :)

The police officers shot him in the last moment and they prevented the massacre.


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