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There are 7 sunk ships at the bottom of Ohrid Lake, and now they want to "bury" an airplane into water - for one goal (PHOTO)

it is an old military aircraft, that looks like a military plane, type North American F-85 Sabre, and that used to decorate the Ohrid barracks

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There are at least 7 boats of various sizes and who knows how many more objects. The authorities in Ohrid don't think that's enough, so they plan on singing another old ship, even the airplane of the old Yugoslav Army, just for attracting the tourists. 

Amazing discovery at the bottom of Ohrid Lake (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

It is believed that it will be an underwater tourist attraction and that it will bring more tourists to their city.

It is planned for an old plane of the former Yugoslav Army to be submerged which was a gift to the diving club Anfora, but, before it goes to the bottom of Ohrid Lakethey need to get the consent of the Macedonian Ministry for Environment.

- It is needed to estimate will it's construction present a danger for the ecology. All the parts that may cause some fluid leakage should be removed from it, which are the basis of the plane or the ship. Only then it can be submerged into the lake - said the captain Goran Ustijanovski, the head of the Captaincy in the Ohrid port.

This idea is not new. The editorial staffs of two media from Ohrid - Super radio and OhridPress - suggested in March last year to sink the plane which is located on the right side of the channel, in the part of the Center for training on the water of Macedonian Army.

it is an old military aircraft, that looks like a military plane, type North American F-85 Sabre, and that used to decorate the Ohrid barracks. 

Foto: ohridpress.com.mk

- Instead of rotting on the bank, it should be cleaned of oil and any soluble colors, if any, and the responsible institutions and environmentalists should check it if it is acceptable to the environment. It should be sunk into an unattractive location in the lake so they could make an artificial attraction. There are a lot of examples like this in the world and that would contribute to the development of tourism, especially underwater tourism which is becoming increasingly popular in Ohrid.

The attraction would be another sunk ship, of about seven which are rotting in the lake. The greatest attraction is the ship Ilinded, who sank 8 years ago with a larger group of tourists from Bulgaria, who drowned on that occasion. 

The ship was then taken to the surface and it is anchored in the channel Studenciste. The ship has been returned to the owners, but its destiny is unknown. It can sail again, it can be scrapped for iron, or to be sunk again.

- Many ships were sunk, and later they were again flowing. Costa Concordia is traveling the seas and oceans again. There are special projects during the sinking of the ship. However, the ship Iliden is not predicted for something like this - said the captain Ustijanovski.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)

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