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Three players were against Bogdan, they made a grave mistake: Bogdanovic solved the match with the assist against Suns! (VIDEO)

He didn't shoot much, but he made the right move in the key moments

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Sacramento basketball players won against Phoenix with 99:92, where Bogdan scored with 10 points, five rebounds, and four assists.

Spectacular return of Teodosic: The Serb demolished Toronto in the last minute with three points, and he celebrated like never before! (VIDEO)

Bogdan spent 32 minutes in the game and he was 3 for 9, and he scored two three-pointers from 7 tries, while Hill was the leader with 18 points and seven rebounds.

Warren had 18 points and 5 jumps, but his shooting percentage was bad, he was 9/24.

In the crucial moments, two minutes before the end at 91:85, Bogdan had a key assist when he lured three played and he assisted the ball to Zach Randolph.


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