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TITO WAS A SEX MANIAC? Everything about the love life of Broz and his young women! (PHOTO)

The Lifelong President of the SFRY was a great lover. He loved women almost possessively, they were often married or in a relationship. They were all far younger than him, almost like a rule, and he would be charged today for the difference in years as a sex offender and he would spend his time in prison

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Josip Broz Tito was certainly one of the most important people of the 20th century, but also very intriguing person. This lifelong President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia remained so much "alive and important" due to the strong cult of his personality, even 30 years after his death. Studies and research can be often found that reveal certain parts of his life, especially love life, which was strictly forbidden to write about it. 

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It can't be known how many women Tito had. It is clear that women loved him, and that he adored them.

Foto: Profimedia

Charming and charismatic, Tito was a great seducer and he had no problems winning a significantly younger woman. However, the question remains how many relationships he had would be a crime today. Namely, Russian Pelagija Denisovna Belousova - Polka was only 13 when she started the relationship with the Marshal. Today, Tito would most probably end up in prison as a sex offender. Tito married in Orthodox church after a very short relationship with Polka and she had 5 children of which only one survived - son Zarko.

Their marriage wasn't easy. Tito's mother got sick with the Spanish flu, his father started drinking and Marshal's revolutionary spirit didn't help, which led him to prison in 1928, where he stayed for 6 years. Young Polka, seeing everything that happened to her, decided to get a divorce, so she informed Josip Broz about her intentions via a letter she sent to him in prison. So their first marriage failed and Polka returned with her parents. Tito started taking care of his son in 1936. Pelagia died in Moscow in 1967.

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

He married a German communist Ana Koenig, better known as Lucia Bauer in 1936. The reason for marrying was that Broz allegedly had too many obligations and he couldn't dedicate himself to his son Zarko who was a problematic young man. His mother placed him in a juvenile detention center and his father got him out thanks to his connections. Tito returns to Yugoslavia and Zarko remains in Moscow with Lucija. A year later, Lucia was shot in Moscow prison Ljubljanka after Stalin's secret police accused her of being a German spy. There aren't any data on this Tito's wife, nor photos, but a marriage certificate is enough proof that they were in a legal marriage.

Next great love and officially recognized wife of Broz was Herta Has. Very beautiful and a communist activist, she easily won the heart of a great communist leader. Herta met Josip Broz in 1937 in Paris. As a leftist-intellectual metropolis of Europe at the time, Paris was a recruiting center of Spanish volunteers and a stop on the road to Moscow, the capital of Komintern - Communist International.

Foto: Privatna arhiva P. Simića iz knjige "Tito fenomen 20. veka"

While returning from Moscow, Tito stopped in Istanbul. He was waiting for a passport to get entry visa for Yugoslavia. Herta Has reached him again, but this time, there was a more intimate introduction and the couple continued to live together upon return in Zagreb. They lived together in a rented house, under the false names Marija Saric and the engineerSlavkoo Babiv, the chairman of the municipality Sinj, ruled by Working-Villager party.

Their relationship lasted till 1941 and the start of the World War II. Tito traveled to Belgrade in May 1941 where he met his new party courier Davorjanka Paunovic Zdenka. Herta Has remained in Zagreb in late pregnancy, and few days after Tito's departure she gave birth to son Misa. 

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Vladimir Velebit was hiding Herta Has and Tito's new son from Ustashe in his apartment. Then he got out the young mother out of the Ustasha prison. Herta Has was exchanged for the group of German experts trapped in Bosnia while they were searching for uranium for Hitler's atomic bomb.

She saw Tito only once and never again - in 1946, in his official office of the president of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. She worked as an expert in the Federal Executive Council.

Foto: Istorijski arhiv Jugoslavije

She died on March 5. 2010. While other Herta's husband died, she had two daughters from that marriage. Her son Aleksandar Miso Broz was a Croatian diplomat in Indonesia, and her granddaughter Sasa Broz manager of Pula theater.

While Herta was in imprisonment, Tito didn't waste his time. He was won by a student of French language Davorijanka Paunovic Zdenka. Besides being young, there were stories that she "did wonders in bed", and both must have attracted Tito. She met him at the beginning of 1941, on an illegal radio-telegraf course which was held in Zagreb. Tito, as a general secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (KPJ), monitored the course and he met all the students, and she was among them. 

Foto: Wikimedia/"Тито врховни командант", НИУ "Народна армија"

After the occupation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, in April 1941, Davorjanka crossed to underground and she took illegal name - "Zdenka Horvat". First, she performed as a courier of KPJ committee for Serbia and Central committee of Croatia, and when Tito moved to Belgrade, she became a special courier. There were intimate contacts between her and Tito during Tito's stay in occupied Belgrade. That was a "forbidden love".

During the entire National Liberation War, Davorjanka was constantly with Tito and the Supreme headquarters Nov and Poj, as a personal secretary of the Supreme Commander. 

Foto Marko Todorović

Before the end of the war, Davorjanka got sick with tuberculosis, and when the supreme command moved to island Vis in June 1944, Tito managed to convince Davorjanka to go to the Soviet Union for treatment. She was partially cured during her stay in Moscow. She didn't want to follow all of the advice of the doctors so she returned to Yugoslavia on her on. In the beginning of 1945, she was sick again with inflammation of the right pulmonary tissue. She was sent to a sanatorium in Golnik, near Kranje in Slovenia, where she died on May 1st, 1946.

Her death has deeply shaken Broz. Without informing anyone, he organized her funeral.

He met Jovanka Budisavljevic, later Broz, during the descent on Drvar, where they danced for the first time. Later she was brought to the Beli Dvor (White Home) to be the hostess of the home. Jovanka was a very beautiful and she was certainly his most well-known wife, who intrigued the public long after his death. It was speculated that she was brought to calm down Broz's "wild nature". She certainly managed to do so over a long period of time. However, Jovanka lost some of her original beauty over time and Tito started some new love affairs, and she knew about them, so there were often fights and conflicts. 

Foto: Tanjug/Arhiva, Muzej istorije Jugoslavije

Although they remained in a formal marriage to the rest of his life, the relationship between the two started collapsing in '70 and she hasn't even seen him in the last few years. Most think that her quiet life after the death of Tito comes from the problems she had since the death of her husband when her entire property was nationalized and she was placed under house arrest.

It was reported that she lives in relative poverty when in 2006 government commission found out that her apartment wasn't maintained in Belgrade since her arrest. She died on October 20th, 2013 in Belgrade.

There were various speculations about Jovanka, that she married the Marchal because she was politically ambitious, that she was his victim, the victim of those who sent her to "rule over the president". Either way, after many affairs and lovers, Jovanka was divorced from the "bed" with Tito, although she was a formal wife. 

The list of Tito's lovers is quite long. Significantly younger, more than beautiful, some were partisans, communists, fighters, and activists, the others were actresses. It's unknown if Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Queen Elizabeth's sister - Princess Margaret, resisted him. Time and new research might show that there were some "sparks". 


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