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Bogdan Bogdanovic has destroyed Toronto: Serbian sniper has finally started hitting in NBA league, he was scoring three points from wherever he wanted! (VIDEO)

Serbian national team player was close to the record of his career in the strongest league in the world, but his team was defeated

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Bogdan Bogdanovic played a great game for Sacramento, but his team was defeated from Toronto. Serbian scored 18 points with an amazing percentage of shooting (7 of 10), and he scored 4 three points from 7 tries.

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The Kings were in a tie until the third quarter of the match but in the last three minutes of the third part, Toronto took the lead by six points. When the final part started they increased the lead to 10 points and they kept it until the end without any problems.

Sacramento was constantly falling behind and in the end, Raptors came to the 20th victory of the season.

Bogdanovic scored 18 points and had 5 assists, three rebounds, and one stollen ball. He was one point short from 18 his record in NBA league, which is 19, but if he continues to play like this, he will soon be 20+ per match without a doubt.

He would probably do that is this match but he was shooting less in the last part of the match, and he was trying to assist more.

Take a look at his points and assists in this match:

Sacramento lost in the end with the score 108:92.


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