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The name of the Serbian river is chilling: One of the most polluted rivers in the world, and there are no life forms in it anymore (VIDEO)

People used to seek salvation from the heat there

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The Dead river got that name because it is one of the most polluted and most endangered rivers in Europe. It is a Bor river in east Serbia which was once a favorite place for people to relax.

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This river is close to Bor basin and heavy metals are flowing in it besides water. They are very hazardous to man, animals, and nature itself.

However, the Dead River is not only polluted because of that. Bor sewerage system is being drained there.

People used to seek salvation from the heat there, and now there is nothing living in it. 

- Bor river is the most polluted river in the world and it entered Guinness book of records. There are no living species in it, no frogs, no fish, no crabs, nothing. My mother told me that she used to bathe there, that there were fish and craps and that it was very beautiful. The water is unusable. Water is not for swimming, drinking, washing - said one of the locals for National Geographic.

Printskrin: Youtube/Radio televizija Bor ("Štampa, radio i film" d.o.o.)

According to the analysis performed in '90 of the previous century, the earth of the Bor river is also contaminated so the farmers can't make good yields. Also, the water from the well on this ground is not for drinking.

Dead River is connecting with Krivaljska and Ravna rivers, forming Bela river, which is then going to Veliki Timor near the village Vrzogrnac.

Veliki Timok is then going to the Danube.

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