A SLAP TO HARADINAJ: What's behind the American disciplinary measures to the war criminal

The US Embassy has refused to issue a visa to the Kosovo Prime Minister so far

National Prayer Breakfast, traditionally held in early February in Washington, could be America's test for three Kosovo leaders - Hashim Thaci, Ramush Haradinaj, and Kadri Veselij, as they support the initiative to revoke the decision to form a Special Court. The US Ambassador noted that this could mean the return of Pristina in the 1990s and international isolation.

Haradinaj against the Special Court, ZSO, and demarcation of the border with Montenegro

Referring to sources close to the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, the portal Expes writes that the Parliament Speaker Veselji and Prime Minister Haradinaj already received invitations to the National Prayer Breakfast, and it is unknown if Kosovo President Hashim Thaci received an invitation.

According to Thaci's office, it was said that the announcement would be issued on Tuesday.

The invitation to this ceremony was already received by the president of the parliament Veselji, announced from his office.

Veselji's office stated that they see no reason for the president of the parliament not to travel to the US.

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- President Veselji has an American visa, as you know, this is the only leader in Kosovo who met with US President Donald Tramp. As for the National Prayer Breakfast, the Speaker of Parliament accepted the invitation - according to Veselji's office.

However, Haradinaj's departure to the United States, according to the writing of Pristina's media, is in question, given that Pristina's media have published information that America has refused his visa application.

Namely, more than two weeks have passed since Haradinaj applied for an American visa, but it was not approved yet. As KTV finds out, the reason for the delay in the response of the US Embassy is that the US State Department has not expressed their willingness to meet Haradinaj.

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A rejection of the US officials to meet with the Prime Minister of Kosovo is due to his postponing of the ratification of the border agreement with Montenegro.

KTV finds out that this US position is also connected to the initiative to abolish the Law on the Special Court for war crimes of the KLA.

Haradinaj planned on visiting the state of Iowa on January 7th.

But, Haradinaj's political adviser, Avni Arifi, told KTV that they have not yet received an answer to Haradinaj's visa application.

- The Government of Kosovo has no information whether the visa was denied to Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. It's in the procedure and we haven't received an answer yet. No government official was denied US visas, let alone prime minister - Arifi said.

The prime minister's office told KTV that Haradinaj applied for a visa at the end of December.

KTV also asked the US embassy if the visa was denied to Haradinaj, but no answer arrived.

Foto: diplomacy.state.gov

However, the website of the US Embassy in Pristina clearly states that, if the applicant qualifies for a diplomatic visa, the embassy implements a visa procedure within one day.

In a statement on Facebook, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj denied the allegations that he was denied an American visa.

- We had moments of life and death on 24th March 1998. That continued to 24th March 1999 when America and NATO came to our help. I will never forget that. The moments of waiting until 24th March '99. I will wait for them to give me the visa. I believe in Kosovo! I believe in America! I am still in the process of receiving the visa - Haradinaj wrote.

If it is true that the visa was denied, for Donika Kadaj-Bajupi, the member of the Self-Determination party, it is enough for Haradinaj to resign.

The member of the Alternative, Iljir Deda, said that refusal of the visa is one step towards the isolation of Kosovo leaders.


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