Djokovic decided to do something he has been avoiding for a long time: Is he going for a surgery? (PHOTO)

He went for the ultimate solution!

Novak Djokovic could take a long break again. According to the Swiss "Blik", he decided to go for a surgery on his right arm.

Novak's hand is in bandages: New photo of Djokovic from Switzerland, it's not looking good (PHOTO)

Our best tennis player didn't completely recover from his elbow injury, he already paused for six months before the Australian Open where he was knocked out in the fourth round.

It could be seen that he can't endure it and he had to confess it to himself - the intervention is necessary.

According to the "Blik", Djokovic stayed at the clinic in Mutencer where he had a surgery.

Prior to that, he stayed in Prague on examinations, and it was recorded that he was wearing bandages over his right arm.

VIDEO: Watch what Novak said about the break when he was knocked out of the AO: 


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