Bogdan told Americans how he choked Vujosevic: That is a typical relationship between a father and a son in Serbia (VIDEO)

Smiling Serbian basketball player is winning over the media representatives

Bogdan Bogdanovic is attracting more and more attention of the fans and the media in America in his city of Sacramento.

He scored 300 shots and the coach said enough! He looked at him and said "I am sorry, I am only counting the ones that DON'T touch the hoops", and kept shooting! (VIDEO)

With a good reason, because the Serbian shooting guard is brilliant from a match to a match, if not in points, then in assists, but three points are his trademark. That was the case in the match against Chicago, which he solved with the far range shot 52 seconds before the end of the Kings' lead which they kept until the end.

Bogdan was in the center of attention after the match, and he discovered how he once choked his coach, reminiscing to the "famous" episode with Dusko Vujosevic.

They asked Bogdan if he was ever sent out of the game and this is what he said:

- Me? I don't think I ever was. I was once when there was a fight between two teams, but never personally. Actually, the coach sent me away once - Bogdan corrected himself, and then he told the Americans the situation that happened in the Sports Hall during the game between Partizan and FMP Zeleznik a few years before.

- You can find it on Youtube, just type "coach chocked Bogdanovic", and you can see - Bogdanovic laughed, and he made the reporters laugh as well.

- That is a typical father and son relationship in Serbia. Vujosevic was then in Partizan, I was sent away on that game, and the one before, but never from referees, only by the coach.

VIDEO: Take a look how Bogdanovic greeted with Zeljko Obradovic at Eurobasket in Istanbul:


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