Ivana Spanovic triumphs in Dusseldorf with the season's jump: This is an ideal warm-up for the World Championship! (VIDEO)

Ivana triumphed on a new test!

After the third place in Karlsruhe, Ivana Spanovic performed in Dusseldorf in a long jump. In the third series she took over the lead and she didn't drop it until the end with 6,77.

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Ivana jumped in Karlsruhe 6.61 and it brought her the third place.

Foto: youtube.com/IAAFAthletics

However, the score here wasn't the primary goal, but the aim was to get a good preparation for the World Championship in Birmingham, which starts on March 4th.

In the first stage, Ivana was very displeased because she stepped over the jumping line. The second attempt was no better (it was her seventh cross-over in the last eight jumps at that moment), and then she broke the ice with 6.77!

After the fourth series, Spanovic was leading in front of Moguenara who had 6.68, and Berks was on 6.67.

Foto: youtube.com

Foto: youtube.com

There was a bit of anxiety, in the end, Ivana stepped over again in the fifth series, she had 6.72 in the sixth series, and after that, she greeted the audience and went to consult with her coach Goran Obradovic.

Solid performance, despite four crosses, which is certainly far away from her appetites, and it was everything that was needed for the best jump at the start of the season! 

Moguenara remained behind her with Bers, which is her jump of the season.

To recall, Malaika Mihambo was the best in Karlsruhe with 6.72.

Foto: youtube.com/IAAFAthletics

Foto: Youtube.com/IAAF Athletics


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