"If you are such a hero, come hear about the terrors we survived": Serbian camp survivors with brutal answer to Morgan Freeman

Freeman said in a talk show that "Serbs are to blame for the war in former Yugoslavia, genocide and ethnic cleansing"

Just a few days after the Serbs in Republika Srpska were made proud by the channel "National Geographic" when they published a video of extreme sports in the canyon of the river Vrbas, they also made them angry. Famous Actor Morgan Freemen and the NG team stayed last summer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the result of their work was published in the media. At the time, he met with Bosnian journalists, the founder of a TV station and the owner Senad Hadzifejzovic and his son Fedja. They visited Sarajevo and Srebrenica.

"Serbs inflicted the suffering upon themselves and they have to live with it": All the famous people who spoke that our people are the ones to blame for Kosovo and Bosnia

The TV show "Story about us" with Hadzifejzovic was shown on Sunday evening and it has started an avalanche of comments against Freeman, Hadzifejzovic, and NG.

In the show, Hadzifejzovic charged Serbs for the events in Sarajevo and Srebrenica that they committed war crimes and that they are to blame for the war in former Yugoslavia.

After a lot of false claims that were said by Hadzifejzovic, Freeman said himself that "Serbs are to blame for the war in former Yugoslavia, genocide and ethnic cleansing".

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The head of the Association of former camp detainees of the Republika Srpska Branislav Dukic believes that Freeman's statement indicates that he has no idea about the history of the region, because the Serbian people never had invasive wars, but only defensive.

Head of the Association of Women Victims of War Bozica Zivkovic Rajilic told the media that the Hollywood actor and the NG channel deserve a lawsuit alleging that Serbs are guilty of crimes in the former Yugoslavia, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.

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- The accusations shown in this documentary are perverse, malicious and aimed at damaging the Serbian people and Republika Srpska - Rajilic said, reports balkaneu.com.

According to her, the least Freeman can do now is to make a documentary about Serbian victims.

- He should hear out us, female victims of the war, while we are still alive, so we can tell him what crimes we survived. He should make a documentary if he is a hero and if he can listen to all those horrors - Rajilic said.

Social networks were flamed with debates on this question. The anger was visible and it was felt in many comments insulting Freeman's name.

NG broadcast the episode in a very sensitive moment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the time of the election campaign. From that point of view, NG burdened the people which are already burdened with the past.


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