Djokovic forgot about the advice of Pepe Imaz: I want to wake up the beast again! (PHOTO)

The recovery is going as planned after the elbow surgery

Novak Djokovic is recovering from the elbow surgery, which is going rather well, judging by his messages on Instagram. Seeing that Novak Djokovic is on the list of players on Indian Wells, which is played at the beginning of March, is a confirmation of that.

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The best Serbian Tennis player said, in his latest post, that he is feeling inspired about his recovery, and he has published a photo where he is celebrating the victory from the period when he ruled the tennis courts.

Looking back and feeling inspired in rehab this week. Let’s get it. beastmode - wrote Djokovic on his Instagram.

Novak gives indications that he gave up on the Pepe Imaz's idea not to show emotions on the court. Many Djokovic's fans didn't support that Idea because they believed that Djokovic is giving the best games when a beast is awakened, when he is celebrating fiercely, with loud shouts and hitting the fist into his chest.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / D.U.)

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