First Croatian performance of Serbian national anthem "Boze Pravde", commander of the honorary platoon addressed the President Vucic with a saber in his hand (VIDEO)

- Greetings, soldiers - Vucic said officially

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic was welcomed in the President halls on Pantovcak in Zagreb with the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia "Boze Pravde" which was played by Croatian orchestra for several minutes. The Telegraf team watched the entire protocol.

Vucic on Serbian-Croatian relations: We must understand that we will survive only if we don't fight each other!

The national anthem of our country was heard in Zagreb, and the Serbian flags were placed on Several locations in the capital of Croatia.

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Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic listened to the national anthem of our country with president Vucic while the snow was falling. After the anthem, the soldier with a saber in his hand greeted the president of Serbia.

- Your Excellency, president of the Republic of Serbia, we are prepared in your honor - said the commander of the first honorary platoon.

After the anthem, Aleksandar Vucic addressed the soldiers.

- Greetings, soldiers - Vucic said officially.

He received an answer.

- Greetings - the soldiers said in unison.

After that, Vucic shook hands with the officials of Croatia.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Marko Ivas)

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