Croats published, prior to Vucic's arrival, that 576 Serbs died in Jasenovac prison camp and that 1.078 died of natural causes!

The Croatian list ignores internationally recognized data that testifies to at least 700,000 victims

Just prior to today's visit by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to Croatia, referring to alleged sources from military archives in Belgrade, the newspaper "Croatian Weekly" reported that only 576 Serbs were killed in Jasenovac and that 1,078 died of various diseases, and that was a natural death. 

Croatian TV presenter finished the show with a short and powerful message (VIDEO)

A "Discovery" was also played on a state television in a commercial that a real number of victims in Jasenovac is several thousand times smaller than it actually is.

The Croatian list ignores internationally recognized data that testifies to at least 700,000 victims, and the journalist Slaven Letica stated that our people are twisting the truth about Jasenovac.

- Dacic's rhetorical game with numbers served the purpose. He mentioned the mythical number of 700,000 Jasenovac victims, which is still living its political and media life in Serbia, and which was a key element of Great Serbian propaganda about us Croats as alleged genocidal people - Letica said and invited prime minister Plenkovic to found "International Forensic and Archaeological Research Trust for Jasenovac", made up of "recognized Croatian forensics, pathologists, and medicine forensic".

Foto: Wikipedia/Mladifilozof

The president of the Alliance of Serbs from the region, Miodrag Linta, says that he is not surprised by the Croatian side.

- In Croatia, the Jasenovac death factory is considered a labor camp in a large part of the public. It is a brutal revision of history and a shameful insulting of hundreds of thousands of Serb, Roma and Jewish victims - Linta said.

VIDEO: Historical mystery! 7.100 Serbs left their lives here: Secret of Serbian "Gazimestan".

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