The owner of Grand Production record label was robbed: It is true, they took the safe! This is what was taken from Sasa Popovic's Villa

It was confirmed from Grand that the thieves took the safe from the Villa of Sasa Popovic

The press service of the Grand production has issued a statement regarding the robbery that happened in the house of Sasa Popovic, the owner of Grand Production record label and production company. 

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The safe was taken out of the family Villa, confirmed by the Grand production. 

- The family house of Sasa Popovic was robbed during the night by unknown people. Safe with certain documents was taken from the home of the director of Grand Production on that occasion, as well as few watches that belong to the closest members of the family Popovic stated from Grand.

- We emphasize that it is not true that the certain amount of money was taken from the house, considering that the director of Grand keeps all the papers and money in a bank. Since this information is being especially speculated, and in order not to interfere with the authorities in discovering the perpetrators of this unfortunate event, we are finishing our address to the media on this subject. We appeal all the representatives of the media to have the understanding that this is a private matter of Sasa Popovic and his family and that there won't be any room for sensational and false news - they concluded from Grand.

Three inspectors arrived at the house of Sasa Popovic just before noon, and they left the home of the Grand director at 13:20. 

Foto: Telegraf

Sasa came to the gate with them in one moment and we noticed Sasa's wife Suzana Jovanovic, as well as one of the closest associates and a friend of Sasa Popovic, Goran Sljivic.

Watch how they stole from another safe: 

(Telegraf.co.uk / I.C.)

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