Our springs like a fairy tale: These six magically beautiful springs are in Serbia and they will charm you with their beauty (VIDEO)

Natural beauties of Serbia

Serbia is full of natural beauties, and some of them are numerous springs, and it is difficult to say which one is the most beautiful.

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1. Taorska springs

- Almost forgotten, precious pearl of Serbian nature. It is located near Kosjeric, near the villages Drenovac and Radanovci.

2. Gradac springs 

- Valjevo springs, there are actually two of them, appear in two different zones. First one is called Zelenci and it is presented with 7 springs on the left side of the river, stretching over 100 meters. The second is around 250 meters lower. The most part of the year, the flow of this spring, which is named Kolovrat, is masked with water from the river Gradac. That river is extremely rich in life and underground forms of karst erosion, protected by the city Valjevo and the Institute for the Protection of Nature of Serbia as an area of significant quality of the II category.

3. Grza spring 

- There is undeservingly neglected riches of Serbia near Paracin. Many never heard about Grza springs, nor about the fascinating blue-green color of the river Grza, which has few springs, and those who have seen all of them claim that the one under the beech tree is the most beautiful one. Walk down the lane of health, put a lock on the bridge of love and see the nearby caves. Walk around the monasteries Ravanica, Sveta Petka and Manasija.

4. Krupaj springs 

- Possibly the most beautiful Serbian spring, located in eastern Serbia, under mountain Beljanica, near Krupaj river, around 35 km from Zaguvica. It used to come out in the cave.

5. Mlava spring 

- In Zagubica itself, at the place where the north cut of Beljanica is going down to Homolje basin. The spring of Mlava as a shape of the little lake with 30 meters in diameter with dark green water. The water in the lake is coming from a great depth. Divers managed to go down through the underwater funnel up to 70 meters, but they didn't manage to reach the bottom of the siphon channel. Once the main source of water of Zagubica and the place of gathering, the spring of Mlava is attractive tourist location today, with constructed riversides and forested slopes.

6. Perucac springs

- One of the most beautiful ones. It is located near Bajina Basta, on the river Vrelo, on the very mouth of river Drina. The river Vrelo is also known as the year river, because it is 365 meters long, as much as there are days in a year. The waterfall Perucac is around 10 meters tall. The water is extremely clean and the temperature is constant through the year and varies between 8 and 10 degrees.

(Telegraf.co.uk / opanak.net)

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