(EXCLUSIVE) Video of the fire in the betting shop Mozzart: He broke the glass, emptied the cannister, and then disappeared within seconds while the fire devoured the shop (VIDEO)

It took him less than 60 seconds for everything

An unknown man caused a fire in the premises of the Mozzart Betting Shop in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, and the fire spread to the nearby outlets in the Shopping Mall "Mondo", located in Trgovacka Street. As it can be seen on the footage, which came into Telegraf's possession, the man entered the betting shop by breaking the glass on the window with his foot, and then poured gasoline in the shop. 

Horror in a shopping mall in Belgrade: Betting shop set on fire, the fire devoured nearby shops (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Also, it can be seen that he took less than 60 seconds, and the man had a jacket with a hoodie, which he used to cover his head.

At the moment when the fire broke out, the man disappeared at incredible speed. Thanks to the quick reaction of the firefighters, a lot more damage was prevented. Namely, the two outlets around the betting shop completely burned, while great damage was done in the next few.

Foto: Telegraf

The fire broke out just a few hours after the murder that happened few meters from the shopping mall. 

The company Mozzard responded regarding the fire, saying that this was an act of terrorism.

- A terrorist act occurred today when the entire Shopping mall "Mondo" was set on fire. It was done with intent. The property and security of the citizens were in danger. The identical terrorist act was performed three times in the last month in the capital city - they said in this company.

Foto: Telegraf

The fire caught electrical installations, so the part of the shopping mall lost electricity.

It is still unknown what is the background and why did he set up the fire.

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.S.)

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