Marko (15) from Leposavic lost his entire family four years ago: He is going to the parents' house every day, but there are no more tears (PHOTO)

Marko will light the candles today at the cemetery in the village Vuca near Socanica, close to Leposavic

Marko Vucinic (15) lost his father, mother, brother, sister and an aunt on this day, who were in a car which crashed into the icy river. He is stopping by the parents' house every day when he is returning from school, but he not mentioning them, he doesn't cry, and he is the only one who knows how he feels. 

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He lost his father Gojko (46), mother Dragica (37), sister Marija (14) and his brother Andrija (7) on April 11th, 2014 when they crashed into the river Ibar and they drowned. Since them, Marko has been living alone, completely certain that he won't leave Kosovo and Metohija. Marko file lit the candles today for his family at the cemetery in the village Vuca, near Socanica, close to Leposavic.

Foto: Telegraf

Marko lost his dearest people four years ago, but Milan Nikolic from Socanica accepted him, his uncle on his mother's side and his lawful guardian. Milan and his wife Sonja are trying to compensate for the loss with their love as much as they can.

- I see him sometimes, he starts thinking and he becomes quiet, and I know what he is thinking about... Your heart rips to shreds - Milan Nikolic said for Kurir.

Foto: Telegraf

In the meantime, Marko started going to the High Medical School in Kosovska Mitrovica and he is traveling by bus every day. He is a good student, and Sanja, grandma Gorica or Grandma Radojko see him off every day...

- Marko has his friends here in Socanica, and we are here to hug him, to love him, we don't look differently at him, not for a second, just like our Nikola, who is four years old, or our Neva, who is just a month and a half - Milan said.

Foto: Telegraf

Marko is visiting his parents' house each day, even on weekends and on holidays.

- The house is drawing him, I see that he is trying to maintain it, he is watering, digging, cleaning, he is not stopping... He takes a little dog Bucko with him to keep him company. He already knows everything, we plowed the gardens in autumn, and we will start sowing when the weather is good, and later on to dig up - Marko's guardian said.


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