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Bosnian landed into a yard of a Serbian family, and he couldn't even imagine what was waiting for him down there (PHOTO)


A Bosnian made friends with a family from Serbia in a very unusual way

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Oh, my, what is that?! - residents of the village Tubici near Kosjeric were shouting last week when they saw a strange thing circling the sky above them, preparing to land in one of their yards. 

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Although it seemed that he will come crashing down to their properties, the paraglider slowly dodged the surrounding raspberry plantation and beehives that Radovan Rako Bozovic and his wife have on the field in front of their house.

- He was flying around us, and slowly, he was circling and circling. My wife got scared, she shouted: "Oh my, what is that?". I said "it's not the devil, can't you see that's a man. He doesn't have a rifle, he can't eat us". He should be afraid, not me, he is landing on someone else's property, not us - Radovan explained the beginning of a sudden friendship.

Foto: Mirvad Zenuni, predsednik kluba Extreme Sport Sarajevo

With a helmet on his head, cameras, and extreme sports equipment, the paraglider landed right before the stunned people of Kosjeric.

- He landed 5 meters away from us, and the neighbor shouted: "call the police, who knows if he is a spy!". What kind of spy, he can't stand on his feet! I asked him "Where are you from, and why the hell did you come here?", and he responded "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me? I heard that he was talking as if he was from Bosnia and I asked him, "did you fly all the way from there?" He said: "I came from Bjelasica near Sarajevo! Oooh, you really have a lot of free time! - Radovan told the story with a loud laugh for Telegraf.rs.

It turned out that the flier was Mirvad Zenuni from Sarajevo, who broke a record in Rako's yard in paragliding for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Foto: Mirvad Zenuni, predsednik kluba Extreme Sport Sarajevo

After few words, Bozovic family understood that this unusual guest, is a guest after all, and the only thing that is left is to greet him the way it should be in Western Serbia.

- I see that he is a good man. I invited him into the home, he is doesn't want to, he is shy. I said: "Come on man, go in, you haven't eaten for hours, and you had nothing to drink". And so we sat down to eat, and he told me about his flight - Rako said.

Mirvad flew over 133.200 KM in 6 hours and 13 minutes, and he broke the BiH record in paraglider flying. He called his team from Bozovic house and he explained how to reach the Serbian village.

Foto: Mirvad Zenuni, predsednik kluba Extreme Sport Sarajevo

- Radovan has three daughters, a wife, father and a mother. I met everybody, they are very good people, I am happy that I am with them as if I knew them my whole life. They bring me honey and water, that is probably the customs here, I saw that they bring that to others who came. Radovan takes me to the house, so I don't catch a cold on the terrace, he doesn't allow me to sit in a chair, He tells me to lie down, to relax on the bed. He asks me if I need clean clothes, a shower, Radovan's wife asks me what I want to eat, the mother brings me coffee... And I, I would just like some water, I am thirsty and I can't take the smile from my face, I can't believe what a day I had and the end of it. Zajko and Pezo soon came, the food is homemade, eggs, cheese, cream... can you wish for anything better. Radovan's father treated us with "maksuzija", plum brandy (rakija) which is 35 years old - Mirvad described.

Later that evening, people from Sarajevo headed home, and Bozovic's received a message from Mirvad.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- To thank you for your lovely reception and hospitality. Honestly, I was so amazed by the welcome of your family, that it is equally dear as the flight I did. Give my greetings to the family from me and the crew, and please, if the road ever takes you to Sarajevo, let me know! It will be my pleasure to welcome you and to spend time with you. All the best - Mirvad wrote.

Zenuni said for Bosnian media that he will remember this flight for beautiful sights he saw along the way, but also for friendship with this family, and he claims that they have the best honey, and Mirvad's children can agree since Bozovic family sent jars of honey as a gift for them.

Would you react the same way as Radovan if an unknown man landed in your yard? 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Dunja Savanovic - d.savanovic@telegraf.rs)

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