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Croatia is shaken by the "Hotmail" scandal: Minister of Economy deliberately deceived the public about the situation in Agrokor (VIDEO)

Dalic resigned after the scandal that is shaking Croatia, and Plenkovic said at the press conference that they reached the decision on her resignation together

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Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalic deliberately deceived the public about the state of affairs in Agrokor, trying to get the benefit for itself, writes the Index, adding that based on published e-mails, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic was duly informed of everything.

Turbulent TV debate regarding the resignation of the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister: He was angry, he stood up and he headed forward his interlocutor (VIDEO)

Dalic resigned after the scandal that is shaking Croatia, and Plenkovic said at the press conference that they reached the decision on her resignation together.

- Martina Dalic resigned and I accepted it - the prime minister said.


It can be seen from the documents and emails that Index possesses that Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic and Minister of Economy Martina Dalic deliberately deceived the public by speaking lies on Agrokor and that the prime minister and the deputy prime minister used their positions so the special group, whose members were chosen by Dalic, could make money on business in Agrokor after the 10th April. 

Dalic, who led the group, the portal writes, never signed a contract with any of the members of the workgroup, nor she gave them a single document showing that the workgroup is working for the government.

Everything was done in secrecy, and Dalic, to keep everything secret, managed everything over the private email address, and the meetings were organized as well.

It is clear from the documentation that Plenkovic and Dalic, not caring about the public interest and transparent management of the process of Agrokor recovery, disclosed confidential and financial data to private persons, classified legal and the content of confidential talks of the government with the investors, bankers and diplomats from Russia, as well as other data that were not known to the public.

Foto: Tanjug / AP/Youtube

As stated, there were Ante Ramljak and Tomislav Matic in that special workgroup as representatives of unknown and small consultant company Texo Management, Matko Maravic and Tonci Korunic as representatives of InterCapital, Branimir Bricelj from Altera Corporate Finance company, Lawyers association Savoric and partners, more precisely the lawyers Boris Savoric and his partner Toni Smrcek.

They all received millions of engagements in Agrokor after one member of that group, Ramljak, became a special government commissioner and they all made changes to a law that would later become known as Lex Agrokor.

The working group began its work on February 22, 2017, with a meeting in the government building, first to analyze the financial situation in Agrokor, and after that, a special email list was formed through which group members analyzed the situation in then Todoric's company. 

The first meeting outside of the government took place on March 3rd in the rooms of Texo Management.

Printskrin: Youtube/TV1 HD

- It will be like a bunker here - Tomislav Matic from Texo Management wrote in the answer to the vice president of the government, referring to the secrecy and security of the meetings and that they won't be discovered. 

During this period, the so-called. plan of activities was made, which had basic messages that the public must be explained that "everything will be alright" and that the "government takes care of the Croatian economy".

The fact that no meeting was held without Dalic is proof that she was in charge of the meetings, as well as the mail which states: "It's over without me and you have nothing to discuss".

She gave highly classified information to the group and thus she informed them about the conversation with the representatives of the Russian Sberbank.

Foto: Hina/Damir Senčar

- I just talked with Poletaev. There won't be any credits in these circumstances. All eyes are slowly turning towards us. Prime Minister will let us know about the today's meeting. Please, count on it that it will happen today afternoon. M - a message, and it is the conversation with the first deputy of the President of the Sberbank, Maksim Poletaev.

The Croatian Parliament voted the Law on Emergency Management in Companies of Systemic Importance for the State Facing Difficulties in Business. 83 legislators voted in favor of the law, 46 were opposed and two abstained.

The Croatian public named the scandal around the minister Dalic the "Hotmail affair", through which she sent controversial e-mails.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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