Mysterious foam frightened citizens, firefighters are not allowing anyone to come close: The unknown chemical wasted into river Lim (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The foam appeared from the drain that leads to river Lim

A mysterious white foam appeared in the suburb which is three kilometers away from Bijelo Polje in Montenegro and it scared the locals, as well as firefighters who went out to the field under full equipment. The river Lim was also in danger.

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The foam appeared from the drain that leads to river Lim.

The firefighters came under full equipment, wearing gas masks, boots, and suits, and they didn't allow the locals to come any closer, Podgoricki Vremeplov writes.

The river Lim became white, and the foam that appeared on the surface looked like it's from a detergent, shampoo or shower gel, and it most likely appeared from the careless dumping of chemicals into it. 

This is not the first time river Lim was in danger, but this kind of sight hasn't been seen so far.

It is unknown so far how the foam appeared from the drain, and how was the river contaminated.

Also, it is unknown what chemical caused this, nor if it came there with careless dumping.

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