Serbian basketball players are the champions of the world for the third time in a row! Serbian national anthem in Manila, just like before! (PHOTO)

Serbia is the current champion of the world, and now they defended the gold they won in 2016 and 2017

The national team of Serbia in the basket 3x3 defended the world title, having won against the Netherlands in the final of the tournament in Manila with 16:13. MVP of the tournament was our Dusan Domovic Bulut.

Thunderous farewell for the Serbian national team to Russia: Famous Serbian singer performed for the "Eagles" at the airport (VIDEO)

The match was tense until the very end, and the Netherlands was in the lead for some time with 10:8, but Bulut scored three points and then Stojacic for the lead 13:11. That was the turn of the match.

Foto: fiba.basketball

After that, our boys strengthened the defense and got the victory with another three points and another shot. 

After the medal award ceremony, the Serbian anthem "Boze Pravde" was played, just like the anthem of Yugoslavia "Hej Sloveni" in the same city in 1978 when Yugoslavia was the champion of the world.

Printskrin: Youtube/FIBA

This was a rerun of the finals two years ago from Nantes in France.

Serbian team consists of Dusan Domovic Bulut, Stefan Stojacic, Marko Savic and Dejan Majstorovic

Foto: fiba.basketball

Foto: fiba.basketball

Foto: fiba.basketball

Foto: fiba.basketball

Slovenia has won the bronze medal who beat Poland with 21:16. 

VIDEO: Watch the interview with the captain of the basketball players Dusan Domovic Bulut


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