The waterspouts and tornados will destroy us: Apocalyptic disasters are more and more frequent in Serbia, dark days are in front of us

This is due to climate change and global temperature rise by one degree

Parts of Serbia were struck by a strong storm. A river was flowing through Uzice. Cars were covered in ice. The crops were gone in seconds. There was the first victim.

Apocalyptic scenes in Uzice: Everything is white as in the middle of winter, streets become rivers, cars swim in the water (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Western Serbia was mostly struck by bad weather followed by abundant precipitation, and strong wind. 

Experts warn that such disasters will be an increasingly frequent phenomenon in our country because the conditions that enable it are much more favorable today than 50 years ago. This is due to climate change and global temperature rise by one degree.

Real rivers could be seen in Uzice and Priboj, the hail the size of a nut was falling and certain parts of the city became completely white. The videos of the storm in Uzice flooded the social networks and they show a really frightening sight.

Foto: Telegraf

A massive amount of rain that fell in Priboj caused clogging of the rain sewage and the city was completely paralyzed for 15 minutes. Hail fell in several turns. When it comes to Priboj villages, raspberry plantations on the western side were completely destroyed.

The raspberries were completely destroyed in the village Mazici, and according to the farmers and what the crews managed to record, around 80% of all raspberries were destroyed. All other fruits and vegetables suffered major damage.

Printskrin: TV5

The locals of the village Teocin, in Gornji Milanovac municipality, were also frightened by the strong storm. Hail was falling, and the locals said that it was bigger than the last year, which is remembered for its destruction. According to Pedja Paunovic, in Bioci, houses lost their roof tiles.

The storm wasn't the worse in Pozarevac, but it had the most tragic outcome - a human life.

(Telegraf.co.uk / B92)

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