Exclusive: The man who is "guilty" of Melania and Donald Trump meeting each other. He is speaking to Telegraf about it for the first time (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

UN Ambassador Paolo Zampolli is Trump's longtime friend and associate, and he reveals to Telegraf how he introduced the President with the first lady of the United States

Paolo Zampolli is a businessman of Italian origin who began his career in New York. Many years of experience and success in the fashion industry and real estate have brought him numerous contacts and cooperation with world-renowned names, such as the current US President Donald Trump.

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As the owner of the prestigious fashion agency in New York, Paolo shifted his business to work with real estate and established cooperation with Trump organization, as director of international development.

Milena Djordjevic

He gladly recalls the first days of cooperation with Trump.

- President Trump changed my life. I owe him for becoming an American citizen and for accomplishing a successful career in real-estate. He was a great boss, very strict, but I was a good student. 

Milena Djordjevic

As Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Nations, Zampolli is currently focused on research and development in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is our future, that is the fourth revolution. In the United Nations, we have established an organization called the World Artificial Intelligence Organization (WAIO), whose members are some of the strongest companies in the private sector. We are really trying to bring people closer to artificial intelligence and to explain that we need it. With it, we will be able to create new occupations, not just eliminate less demanding jobs.

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Mr President.

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Ambassador Zampolli predicts the growing development of face recognition software and their growing role in security and the fight against terrorism and crime. Cooperation between security agencies and countries is a challenge.

- In countries like China, there are already 170 million cameras on the platform. By 2020, there will be about 600 million surveillance cameras. As a problem, there is a link between security agencies around the world and a certain country because no one wants to share their information.

Watch the video from the beginning of the text and the way he thought of solving this problem.

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