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Strong wing "blew away" Podgorica: Trees were flying, there was a complete traffic shutdown, fires broke out

Most of the city didn't have electricity for two hours

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The strong northern wind created chaos in Podgorica, it broke trees and caused a traffic to collapse, most of the city didn't have electricity for two hours, and many fires broke out where one house completely burned to the ground.

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RTCG states that the traffic lights in the capital of Montenegro were out of order, that the traffic was at a complete shutdown on the streets.

It is stated that the wind was so strong that it ripped threes, and the reader of the portal of Montenegro television sent a photo which shows a fallen tree in the Boulevard of St Petar Cetinjski.

Many fires broke out during the strong northern wind in the area of Podgorica, and RTCG unofficially found out that a house in the suburb Zagoric completely burned to the ground.

The commander of the Protection and Rescue Service, Andrija Cadjenovic said that a large number of fires are active in Ljesanska Nahija.

- There is a large front of fires that we tried to extinguish with the help of the airplanes of the Ministry of Interior, however, due to the strong wind, that fire broke out again and the households in that area could be in danger. There are two teams who are trying to keep the fire under control - Cadjenovic said, and added that the fire spread near Zagorje substations.

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