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Pristina will burn on October 8th! A terrible threat to the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists

The next protest will not be peaceful unless these points are taken into account - former members of the terrorist KLA warned

Hundreds of former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) from Metohija protested in front of Pristina's Palace of Justice. They asked the provisional authorities in Pristina to take measures against persons who published the names of "false" members of the KLA or the next protest scheduled for 8 October will not be peaceful.

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The head of the organization of former members of the KLA from Metohija, Abdilj Mushkolaj, issued the ultimatum to solve these cases once and for all until 8 October, reports Indeksonline.

- We demand that the Assembly amends the law on veterans and those who understand war should take part, and not bureaucrats sitting in the office. Their indictment is false and we don't have to be the part of a lie. We invite you to stay with the offices of organizations in Dukadjini and throughout Kosovo. We will continue to protect our values - said Mushkolaj.

He and other terrorists issued a list of requests for the Basic Court in Pristina, the State Prosecutor, and Chief Prosecutor Aleksandar Ljumezij:

- To start the investigation about who is the culprit who illegally published personal data on members of the terrorist KLA.

- To withdraw indictment in the case of members of the terrorist KLA.

- Deadline - October 8th, we wait for your public response and we ask the Prosecution for an apology for insulting veterans.

- The next protest will not be peaceful unless these points are taken into account - former members of the terrorist KLA warned.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

We recall that a real drama is taking place in Pristina for weeks now with the lists of members of this terrorist organization, which are fake, and which damaged the budget of the provisional institutions of Self government in Pristina.

Kosovo Prosecutor Aleksandar Ljumezij issued an indictment against 12 people, including security minister Rustem Berisha and his deputy, Agim Ceku, in mid-September over abuses of the pension fund.

They are charged with falsely registering thousands of people as "war veterans" of the terrorist KLA and thus damaging the budget by about 68m euros.

About 40,000 of them were registered as "war veterans" and the prosecution says half did not participate in the so-called KLA during the 1998-1999 conflict.  

One of the prosecutors in the case quit and went to the United States, because, as he said, he was threatened to leave the case.

Now there are new threats.


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