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Dodik accuses Americans and Britons of providing 20 million euros for the destabilization of Republika Srpska and interference in elections

He said that "he has information on the interference of foreign powers in the elections in the RS, and Serbian President Aleksander Vucic also discussed that"

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Predsednik RS Milorad Dodik

Foto: Milena ─Éor─Ĺevi─ç

Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik said today that the Americans and the British provided around 20m euros for destabilizing of government in the RS and for interfering in the upcoming, October elections.

Serbs hold the Balkans in their hands: Two governments in the region depend on our votes

- The British have secured six million pounds to influence various media, some structural groups, and NGOs, and an American administration, which allegedly deals with elections, 12$ dollars - Dodik told reporters after the meeting of the ruling coalition in the RS.

The president of the RS, who is also a candidate of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) for the Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, announced yesterday that he would present evidence about the interference of Western countries in the RS elections.

He said that "he has information on the interference of foreign powers in the elections in the RS, and Serbian President Aleksander Vucic also discussed that", stating that "he knows of a series of invitations, meetings held when the ambassador arrives", alluding to the USA ambassador in BiH Maureen Cormack.

Dodik reiterated earlier claims that there were 40 intelligence officers from the UK in the RS.

- They are very operational, we know where everybody is. Five of them are in Banja Luka and they are dealing with destabilization each day... Almost everybody who is on the list is being called from the foreign embassies, for alleged democratic conversations, and basically they are suggesting a way of behavior - Dodik said.

Foto: Milena ─Éor─Ĺevi─ç

He said that he has correct information when was the time of the call, what were they talking about, that there are threats from some other block, that they have to remain alone or they will face consequences. He thanked the president of the Republic of Serbia Vucic because he urged the issue of Western countries interfering with the RS elections.

Dodik said that the "British support for Mladen Ivanic is obvious and it is not stopping".

- He is at the government level in BiH, and I am in opposition. They are trying to make him the main topic in RS, and not what will be done at the BiH level - Dodik marked, and Ivanic is his main contender in the elections of the Serbian member of the BiH presidency.

If he wins the electing, as a member of the BiH presidency, he will insist to abolish the foreign interference in BiH's internal affairs, and he marked that Ivanic is not capable of doing that.

He announced that if he becomes a member of the BiH Presidency, he will immediately request a decision to remove foreigners from the BiH judicial institutions.

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