Serbs helped blind Croat to climb the top of Mount Olympus: The cold and rain couldn't stop them to conquer 2.918 meters

Feruco Lazaric is the second person to climb the highest peak in Greece

Members of the Belgrade Mountaineering Society "Zeleznicar" climbed to the highest peak of Mount Olympus in Greece, and a blind climber from Zagreb Feruco Lazaric was with them.

Serbia became white on the second day of the Autumn: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatar, and we can expect frost and cold we haven't felt in a long time (PHOTO)

Lazaric successfully climbed Mitikas in a cold and rainy weather (2.918 meters above sea level) with the assistance of the mountain guides: Radmilo Maric, Kristina Marjanovic and Sofia Lancos Maldini.

The climb lasted 16 hours, and it was organized from September 27 to September 30.

According to the records from the mountaineering home "Spilios Agapitos" on Olympus, which are being kept for many years, Feruco Lazaris is the second blind person to climb the highest top of Greece. 

Mountaineering Society "Zeleznicar" has been organizing climbs on the Olympus for many years, which is also often attended by mountaineers from other clubs from the former Yugoslavia, but this was the first time that they had a member from the mountaineering society of blind members.

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