Teacher Marko had to retire at the age of 35, and he wakes up every day wondering if he will make it to the evening

His heart is working on 15 percent of its power

Marko Mitric (35) from Kraljevo has been waiting for a new heart for three years. Although he has a heart pump, he says that every new day is uncertain.

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There are currently four to six donors in Serbia per one million people, which places us as the European last, Croatia has more than 40 donors per one million people. Up to 40 patients from Serbia are waiting for the heart transplantation at this moment. 

One of them is Marko Mitric, a teacher from Kraljevo, who had to retire at the age of 35 due to the seriously damaged heart, and after only five years of working. His heart is working on 15 percent of its power.

He has experienced clinical death three years ago, but he made it. After that, he had a surgery where a heart pump was implanted and the only solution for his recovery is to get a new heart. Ever since then, Marko has been waiting for the call from the Clinical Center. 

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- A thought goes through my mind that it can happen at any moment. Every day is like that. And I think that I will be able to wait for the transplantation. I am optimistic that the call will happen at any moment - said Marko.

He is happy because he has a great support of his family, his wife Jelena and his three-year-old-son Djurad. But there is fear, although it is hard to notice that on Marko's face.

- I am afraid that I will panic. And I experienced that through some periods of my life, while the heart condition was becoming worse, I panicked that it will be the worse. When I experienced clinical death, I didn't know that it will happen. I just fell down - said this retired teacher.

Mitric family soon moved to their apartment. Wife Jelena said for N1 that they were together all the time, that they plan the future, and that Marko expects the heart transplantation.

- We live like any other normal family. We expect that Marko will soon have a heart transplantation and we are optimists. We are his support for everything - said wife Jelena, who is also an educational worker and she works as a teacher.

Marko said that the hardest thing for him was not being able to work as a teacher anymore, but he still goes to the rock parties of his favorite bands. Because he explained that the music is his life and he can't find himself without it.

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