This is how Djokovic helped a fan who was sick during the match (VIDEO)

Serbian tennis player ran to help an older man near the finish of the match

On Tuesday night, after two sets, Novak Djokovic won against the Portuguese Joao Sousa and went to the 3rd round of the Master in Paris

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Besides the great fight in the first set, the match was marked by the intermission in the last gem.

During Novak's serve at 6:1, a fan was sick, and Djokovic stopper right away and approached to see what's going on.

He then ran to his seat and brought a towel to the fan. It wasn't long before the fan left the stands accompanied by helpers.

Djokovic will play against Damir Dzumhur from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next round, and you can see the video when Novak approached to help the fan:


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