Just a few hours after saying "I do" they got into a fight over the money: The wedding celebration was stopped with the tears of the groom

The bride allegedly wanted all of the money for herself which she gathered in old customs. However, the groom's family didn't allow it

There were no topics about high prices in Gradacac yesterday, nothing about hard life, harvest, expensive firewood for the upcoming winter. The only hot and comical topic was the scandal that erupted on the wedding of 23-year-old Edin Huseljic from Gradacac and his chosen one Elda Mujcin from Odzak.

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The day that was supposed to be the most beautiful day in their lives turned into a nightmare, and all because of the moneyThere was a huge fight between the newlyweds in the middle of the wedding, the celebration with 300 guests was stopped and the bride went home the same night back to Odzak.

The groom remained in tears, mostly due to the shame that he experienced. The atmosphere was good until 11 PM when the bride, according to the old customs, went from one guest to another and they poured coffee, in return, they gave money in the plate. There was a good amount of money.

The music continued playing until there was a fierce fight in the hall. The guests saw that "something was brewing", but no one could presume that the fight occurred over the money on the plate.

The bride demanded all of the money for her because she was pouring coffee. The groom didn't accept such proposal because he had to take a loan from the bank for the wedding, and he allegedly paid for all of the expenses for the reception in front of the bride's house in Odzak - said one of the guests of the wedding.

The bride called for her mother to come and get her around midnight.

The bride took the basket with money and she tried to escape. However, we managed to return the money, and she is gone. Her mom and she wanted to take it. We have witnesses of the situation and everything was recorded with cameras - the source of Avaz said.

It is stated that the newlyweds dated for a few months before the wedding, and Edin was already at the lawyer to start the divorce procedure. 

- We want to reveal the truth, as it is. We don't know if she managed to get something from that basket, because the money wasn't counted. When we counted, later on, there were around 5.500 marks - he said.

The bride wasn't available for comments yesterday.

- I've never seen anything like this, for money to be the reason for a fight between newlyweds, even before the end of the wedding. Did they plan on living together, children - said the 78 years old local of Gradacac.

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