Serb was fired on Malta because he spoke Serbian on the job, and he returned and murdered his boss: He laughed to the family of the victim on the trial

This Serb appeared before the court yesterday

Bojan Cmelik, a Serb who is charged with murdering Hugo Chetcuti, an entrepreneur from Malta, was fired twice from work.

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He worked for the aforementioned entrepreneur in two of his companies, and it is believed that he was fired due to the fact that he spoke Serbian on the job, which is against the rules.

- We have a rule in the company to speak only in English or Maltese language because we don't speak Serbian. One of the reasons that I fired him is due to his attitude: "I will speak Serbian if I want to" - said Noel Falzon, the son of the murdered Hugo and the director of five of his companies.

Falzon testified yesterday on the court against Cmelik. The last hearing had to be postponed after Falzon lost control and began insulting Cmelik in the courtroom, while Bojan was laughing at the family of the victim.

Falzon said that he personally fired the Serb and that he saw him for the last time after September 2017 when he came to pick up his paycheck, reports lovinmalta.com.

- That was the last time I have seen him before the murder - Falzon said. Cmelik started working in the mentioned company in February 2017.

He was fired once more before when he didn't show up for work at new year in one of Hugo's companies.

As it was earlier published by Telegraf, the identity of Bojan Cmelik is fake and his real name is Mitic, which was confirmed on trial by inspector Nikolaj Sant.

Bojan used fake passport during his stay abroad, and he attacked and stabbed Hetkuti, aka "the king of Malta", in front of his restaurant. He has a rich criminal file in Serbia.

He was charged that he approached the businessman, he hugged him and stabbed him in the stomach, in front of many witnesses. Hetkuti was quickly transferred to hospital, he had many surgeries but he couldn't make it.


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