KFOR remains in Kosovo, Stoltenberg said during a phone talk to Haradinaj: We will review the level of engagement with Kosovo Security forces

NATO will continue with KFOR mission in order to provide a safe environment on Kosovo - stated from NATO

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said today that the military alliance will continue with KFOR mission in Kosovo and announced that, as Kosovo Security Forces develop, North Atlantic alliance will reconsider the level of engagement with KSF in the next year.

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Stoltenberg said that to the prime minister of provisional Pristina institutions, Ramush Haradinaj, over the phone.

- The secretary-general announced that, in accordance with the development of KSF, the North Atlantic alliance will reconsider its level of engagement with KSF next year. NATO will continue with KFOR mission to secure a safe environment on Kosovo. KFOR is working under the mandate of UN and it won't be influenced by the law on the transformation of KSF - announced from NATO.

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Stoltenberg also said he would continue his engagement with all relevant parties in regional stability.

Just before the vote in parliament on the KSF transformation, Stoltenberg also spoke by phone with Haradinaj and told him that the decision on the transformation of the KSF was contrary to the views of the NATO member states.

Prime Minister of Pristina Provisional Institutions, Ramush Haradinaj, announced today on his Facebook profile that after meeting with Stoltenberg, he is satisfied with the commitment of the North Atlantic Alliance to support complete Kosovo.

Haradinaj wrote that he informed Stoltenberg about the adoption of the law on Ministry of Defense, Military mandate of Kosovo Security Force and the service in the KSF.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

He informed him about the concrete actions of the government of so-called Kosovo about forming the international Committee for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Kosovo's NATO membership.

He added that he also introduced Stoltenberg with the transparent process of KSF transformation, expressing, as he said, his vision of the government in deepening of partnership with NATO and KFOR, expanding the program, and the readiness of KSF to contribute to the regional and global security.

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