Haradinaj blames Mogherini for everything and continues with provocations: Taxes remain until the recognition of independence

Everybody will see that this tax measures won't be abolished, on the contrary, it will be consolidated and it won't be changed until Serbia has recognized Kosovo independence, they need our market as well - Haradinaj said

Prime minister of Pristina provisional institutions, Ramush Haradinaj, said today that Federica Mogherini is responsible for the failure of the dialogue with Belgrade, and not him, because she allowed for the process to "derail".

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Haradinaj said that to the journalists in Pristina after the government session.

He received another letter from the Brussels' three, Mogherini, Malmström, and Hahn where they charged him that he endangered the continuation of dialogue with Belgrade with unilateral actions and that Hashim Thaci represents Pristina in the dialogue with Belgrade.  

The government of so-called Kosovo discussed the comprehensive and binding draft agreement between Belgrade in Pristina at today's meeting.

The draft of the agreements was presented by Haradinaj's adviser, Avni Arifi, and stated that the document predicts that Serbia should recognize Kosovo independence, Kosovo's sovereignty, justice for war crimes and compensation for victims of sexual violence. 

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Also, he said that Kosovo membership in international organizations is required.

Arifi said that on the three meetings, as he stated, "with the Serbian side, they weren't ready to implement any kind of agreement".

- The government of Kosovo implemented every Brussels agreement. Refusal of the Serbian side led to the loss of 12 million euros. The citizens of Kosovo stop at the border crossings daily - he said.

Haradinaj said once again that the taxes on Serbian goods won't be abolished until "Serbia recognizes Kosovo".

When asked, why was he angry during yesterday's meeting with the head of the European diplomacy Federica Mogherini in Brussels, prime minister Haradinaj said that "she was hurt by his truth".

- Kosovo will no longer be at the mercy of others. Everybody will see that this taxes won't be abolished, on the contrary, it will be consolidated and it won't be changed until Serbia has recognized Kosovo independence, they need our market as well - Haradinaj said.

Bota sot writes that although Haradinaj was not invited to yesterday's meeting in Brussels, he said that there are no reasons for him to be there, but that he did what he had to do and say.

- Mogherini has damaged the dialogue and this has caused many problems in the region - he said.

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